Turf Table

Public domain photos:
︎︎︎ US Fish and Wildlife Service Midwest Region, flickr
Turf and photographs adhered to wood

This piece is focused on the desire to tame and manicure the land, frequently with the use of chemicals, which are detrimental to incredibly important ecosystems. The turf represents the even coat of grass that grows in place of sources of food and habitats for a variety of life.

During the last century, human impacts on our planet have led to an increasing and alarming loss of biodiversity. Scientists estimate that current extinction rates exceed those of prehistoric mass extinctions. Loss of biodiversity also means loss of genetic diversity and loss of ecosystems. Loss of suitable habitat is the major cause for declines in species populations. Development, wetland filling, and other activities reduce the total amount of habitat. These activities also fragment remaining forest, grassland, and wetland habitat into patches too small and too isolated to support some animal species.

︎︎︎ Dept of Environmental Conservation